World Bonsai Convention (Omiya, Saitama-city, Japan)

April 6 to 9, 1989
Venue: Omiya Sonic City
Hosted by Nippon Bonsai Association
Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Saitama Prefecture, Omiya City( Now Saitama city), the Expo '70 Commemorative Association

In 1989, a World Bonsai Convention was held in Japan for first time. Many large scale bonsai events had been held in the western world but it was truly the first major international bonsai event which was held in the Orient. The theme for the convention was "WORLD PEACE THROUGH BONSAI"
The venue for the WBC was Omiya city in Saitama which was recognized as a “Mecca of Bonsai” and therefore the event had the full attention of the bonsai communities all over the world. From Japan, 504 registrants attended plus 733 from 31 countries outside Japan. It was a spectacular and highly successful event and no expense was spared in its execution.

The Host organization Nippon Bonsai Association did everything to make this convention successful.
There were 14 Japanese bonsai artists who gave bonsai demos including Mr. Saburo Kato (Yoseue with Ezomatsu), Mr. Hiroshi Takeyama (Yoseue with hime-syara stewartia), Mr. Masahiko Kimura (Bunjin style Akamatsu), Mr. Jiro Fukuda (Kabudachi maple)

Also, 50 bonsai instructors with an official certificate from Nippon Bonsai Association helped many bonsai enthusiast at bonsai workshops during the convention.

The tour to see the collection of Mr. Minoru Matsushima, one of the most famous bonsai collectors in Japan was also another highlight of that convention. Beside that tour, registrants also enjoyed the hospitality of Omiya bonsai village and Japanese traditional kimono show...
In 4 days during the convention, all the participants enjoyed many activities.

During this convention, a bonsai meeting was held of bonsai representatives from around the world and declared the foundation of WORLD BONSAI FRIENDSHIP FEDERATION and at the same time it was decided that a World Bonsai Convention will be held every 4 years.

The convention site "Omiya Sonic City"

Mr. Sabuo Kato creating an EZO spruce group planting.

Demonstration by Mr. Hiroshi Takeyama

Workshop scenery.

Paticipants enjoy the Bonsai Village.

Bonsai Show.


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